Who We Are

The Lower Columbia Contractors Association (LCCA) is a member driven trade association, organized by local homebuilders in 1956 to represent professionals in the home building industry by providing a united voice for the building industry in Cowlitz County. The men who founded the LCCA showed remarkable foresight; their leadership and our members have maintained a standard of quality in the building industry which we are proud of today.

house-framingRepresenting 200 companies in Cowlitz County. Our goal is to support affordable housing in the building industry and in our community. This occurs through builder education and advocacy toward regulation, promoting public policy, and ensuring good government processes related to the construction and development industry.

What We Do

For over 50 years, the Lower Columbia Contractors Association has been the voice of the home building industry in our area. Our primary goal is to provide affordable housing for all segments of society. This is achieved by improving the construction industry and the business climate in which our members operate. We do this through:

  • ADVOCACY: Providing a voice before government
  • EDUCATION: Developing a professional building industry
  • PROMOTION: Marketing member services
  • INSURANCE: Medical and State Industrial insurance available