BIAW Benefits

Benefits of Membership

BIAW’s leaders and staff work full-time so you can work less time, representing you and more than 8,000 member companies like yours who want taxes and regulations limited.  The advantages of membership do not end with BIAW’s dedication to protecting your livelihood from unnecessary government, taxes and regulations.

Besides battling big government, BIAW offers a variety of programs and services that can help put your business on top. BIAW’s return on industrial insurance (R.O.I.I.trademark Select), legislative, education, legal, building industry insurance, member rebate, and health insurance programs offer valuable tools you can use to grow your business.  Click here for further information.


Return on Industrial Insurance (R.O.I.I.trademark Select)


R.O.I.I.trademark Select is BIAW’s performance-based retrospective rating group program with the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) that provides refunds when participants’ workers’ compensation premiums exceed their losses.  BIAW has proudly offered the R.O.I.I.trademark Program as a member benefit since 1982.  During the program’s 32 years, participants have paid L&I premiums totaling nearly $2.1 billion and R.O.I.I.trademark Select has returned more than $400 million in refunds to participants.  Click here to learn more about the R.O.I.I.trademark Select Program.

Safety Services

Job-site safety is a priority, not only for workers, but for your company’s ability to keep its Experience Modification Rate (EMR) low and claim costs down, factors that determine the amount of your refund.  R.O.I.I.trademark Select participants receive access to our in-house safety program staff which can provide the following services at no cost:

  • Safety program development
  • Job-site safety workshops
  • On-site safety consultations
  • On-site compliance inspection assistance

For more information on R.O.I.I.trademark Select’s Safety Services, click here.

BIAW Legislative Program

The BIAW Legislative program exists to defend affordable housing for the citizens of Washington state. BIAW’s highly qualified, experienced team of lobbyists work on behalf of members whose interests are to pass pro-housing, pro-small business legislation and defeat bills harmful to the housing industry.

BIAW’s lobbying and grassroots efforts have been responsible for sponsoring, amending and defeating legislation that affects builders, their businesses and their employees.  BIAW’s experienced advocacy team works for you to protect your livelihood and the dream of home-ownership for Washington state families.  Click here for more information.

BIAW Education Program

BIAW’s award-winning Education program is a comprehensive operation supporting the needs and requests of BIAW members by assisting local associations in developing, planning and implementing up-to-date, industry-related education opportunities.

Since its inception in 1997, the program has steadily evolved into an innovate and valuable resource for both BIAW members and the state’s residential homebuilding community. Given the broad scope of members’ needs, BIAW offers a diverse collection of courses in several categories.  Click here for further information and a complete listing of available courses.

BIAW Member Rebatemember rebate

Another benefit of membership available to builder and remodeler members of BIAW is the Member Rebate program.  This free, rebate-based program utilizes the purchasing power of 30+ state home building associations’ participating members to earn brand name manufacturer rebates. Until recently, manufacturers only offered these rebates to the “Top 10 Builders”.  Now, no matter the size of your company, small or large, you qualify. For the minimal effort of reporting your home construction products, you can earn cash rebates.  Quick and easy online forms, no receipts and no changes to your business practices.

BIAW Health Insurance Program

For over 25 years, the BIAW Health Insurance program has offered the most competitive and comprehensive health insurance benefits to home building industry-related companies. Purchasing power, excellent benefits and steady stable rates are the cornerstone of the success of the program. Offering a wide selection of benefits and cost-effective plans, means there’s something for every budget and company.

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